Trillium Coordinated Care Organization (CCO)

On August 1, 2012, Lipa and LaneCare members moved to a new type of healthcare delivery system called a Coordinated Care Organization (CCO).

Trillium has been certified by the state of Oregon as the CCO in Lane County.
As a CCO, Trillium's philosophy is to improve health care for individuals and families in Lane County and reduce the cost of care for hospital and emergency room visits. This philosophy is called the Triple Aim.

Trillium is bringing together all kinds of care under one group including physical, and behavioral health. This way, members can have one convenient point of contact for most of their healhcare needs. Providers, counselors, and nurses - are also able to better coordinate care. Instead of just treating our members when they get sick, we work to keep them healthy and assist with preventive care treatments. Our goal is to prevent unnecessary trips to the hospital or emergency room. To learn more about Trillium as a CCO, download our brochure.

Transformation Plan

The Trillium CCO is proud to announce we have been given provisional approval by the Oregon Health Authority for our Transformation Plan. "Provisional" means the state may make small changes to the plan before giving us final approval. Like a plan or design for a building, Trillium has developed a plan that will help us build a better way for Oregon Health Plan members to receive healthcare. It took months of work and many staff hours to complete the Transformation Plan which includes:

  • Community Health Assessment
    (Find ways we can make the health of our community better)

  • Cultural Competence and Disparities
    (Give information in a way everyone can understand)

  • Patient Centered Primary Care Homes
    (Make doctor offices where the health of each person is managed)

  • Primary Care Behavioral Health Integration
    (Offer behavioral health services in or near primary care offices)

  • Primary Prevention
    (Help people from getting sick or sicker)

  • Comprehensive Case Management
    (Give better care to people who are chronically ill)

  • Behavioral Health System Improvements
    (Find new ways to give behavioral health services)

  • Social Determinants of Health
    (Help people get what they need to stay healthy)

The Transformation Plan may change a little over time as we reach our goals and begin new work.

Trillium Transformation Plan

Please contact us if you have questions or comments.