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Vital Health Plan for Individuals & Families

Fit Catastrophic Health Plan

Bright Dental Plan for Families & Children

Active Small Employer Group Health Plan

Smiles Small Employer Group Dental Plan


Small Business Summary of Benefits Active


Small Business Dental Summary of Benefits Smiles

Pediatric Dental low
Pediatric Dental High
Family Dental low
Family Dental High

Pediatric Dental High
Family Dental 1000
Family Dental 1200
Family Dental 1500

Individual Catastrophic Summary of Benefits:


Individual & Family Summary of Benefits:


Bright Dental Summary of Benefits

Pediatric Dental Low
Pediatric Dental High
Family Dental low
Family Dental High

Enrollment Forms

Individual and Family Enrollment Form
2015 Census Form
Group Enrollment Form
Group Profile Form Fillable

To qualify, the employer must:
Pay at least 50% of employee-only health insurance premiums
Employ fewer than 25 full time equivalent employees
Pay average annual wages of less than $50,000
Attaches Form 8941 to their tax returns/forms.

Formulary (a list of covered Medications)

Provider Search

Provider Search


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Uniform Glossary

A Glossary of Health Care Terms


General Resources

See if you qualify for a subsidy
Member Rights and Responsibilities
Notice Of Privacy Practices
Utilization Management Procedures
What is Fraud, Waste and Abuse?
Confidential Communication Request Brochures and Fact Sheets Brochure
Small Business
Already Insured?
Individuals and Families
Why Insurance?
Help paying for coverage
Small employer


Links will be available to Oregon individuals and small employers Oct. 1, 2013. If you need help in the meantime, we encourage you to check out the following resources.

Health Coverage Options And Assistance
Oregon Health Plan – Offers health care to eligible members at little or no cost.
Oregon Healthy Kids – Offers comprehensive health care to Oregon children.


Health Insurance Information And Referrals

Oregon Safenet – Provides information about eligibility for Oregon Health Plan.
Oregon Insurance Division – General insurance information and complaints.

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