Community Advisory Council Public Notices

The Community Advisory Council (CAC) provides input and makes recommendations to the Trillium Board (CCO Governance) on the strategic direction of the organization.

The CAC is made up of Oregon Health Plan (OHP) members, parents of OHP members and community members: CAC Member Roster

CAC Member Roster

Tony Biglan
Tara Davee
Colt Gill, Trillium Board Representative
Karen Gillette
Val Haynes
Dawn Helwig
Richard Kincade, MD: CAP Representative
Marianne Malott
Marcela Mendoza
Andrea Muzikant
David Parker: Chair
John Radich Vice Chair
Tara Davee: Trillium Board Representative
Susanna Sammis
Eric Van Houten
Rural Advisory Council Representatives
Lezlee Craven
Charene Reavis
Jessica Rice

The council is intended to engage consumers throughout Lane County in improving the way their health needs and the health needs of their community are being met. Two CAC members serve as representatives on the Trillium Board.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the CAC please fill out the online Form: Trillium CCO Community Advisory Council Application

Trillium CAC Charter
Date Chartered
Authorizing Charter: July 9, 2012
This is a standing/ongoing Council. The Charter will be reviewed annually in January by the CAC members. Any amendments will be brought first to the Trillium Community Health Plan Executive Team (ET) for approval with final approval by the CCO Governing Board.
Meeting Frequency
The CAC meets face-to-face at least every three months, and more frequently as needed. When necessary, members may participate remotely. Standing sub-committees or ad hoc work groups will meet as directed.
Trillium Community Health Plan Governing Board.
Engage Trillium Community Health Plan Members and the community as a whole to advise and make recommendations to the governing Board on the strategic direction of the organization, ensure that Trillium remains responsive to consumer and community health needs, and advise on the design and priorities of Trillium in achieving the Triple Aim.

Provide a link back to community members to aid in achieving the goals of the Triple Aim, with a particular focus on Trillium's effectiveness in providing quality services that are accessible to all members.
The CAC roles and responsibilities include:
  • Identifying and advocating for preventive care practices to be utilized by Trillium
  • Representing Trillium in a community-wide, collaborative Community Health Assessment and Community Health Improvement Plan
  • Publish an annual report on the progress of the community health improvement plan
  • In collaboration with the larger community effort, adopt the Community Health Improvement Plan to serve as a health blueprint for Trillium's strategic efforts, and develop recommendations for innovative, evidence-based initiatives
  • Work to assess and then make recommendations on how best to address issues related to health disparities, including linkages between medical and non-medical services, in conjunction with the Clinical Advisory Panel
  • Provide advice on strategies to effectively engage the community in transforming health care
All communities within Lane County
Operating Principles
All members adhere to established team agreements/ground rules.

The CAC will clarify its decision-making model prior to all decisions.

Fifty-one (51)% of CAC members constitutes a quorum. A quorum can act. All CAC members are voting members.

Standing sub-committees will be established for:
  • Community Health Assessment & Community Health Improvement Plan
  • Health Disparities
The Community Advisory Council is staffed with appropriate management and analytic services representation. The CAC will charter additional subgroups as well as convene ad hoc "project teams" as needed.

When conflicts arise, the members will discuss and resolve the conflict with the CAC Chair, with the support of staff. If unable to resolve, the CCO CEO will resolve the difference in the best interests of the Trillium Community Health Plan.
Chair and Vice Chair
The CAC will review a slate of nominees for Chair, from which it will select a Chairperson and Vice Chairperson.

Both the CAC Chair and the CAC Vice Chair will hold their positions for a 2-year term.

They may be nominated for reappointment for one additional term.

The CAC Chair will represent the CAC in all matters.

The CAC Chair is accountable for:
  • Convening and leading meetings
  • Developing, prioritizing and approving meeting agendas
  • Ensuring engagement of CAC members
  • Facilitating conflicts among CAC members
  • Providing leadership to CAC members
  • Ensuring regular communication to CAC members regarding decisions made by other groups that impact this CAC
  • Working with staff to provide monthly reports and recommendations to the Governing Board on behalf of the CAC
  • Oversight and facilitate establishment of CAC sub-committees and the CAC member who chairs them
The CAC Vice Chair is accountable for:
  • Partnering with the CAC Chair to achieve the duties listed above.
  • Covering the duties of the Chair in his/her absence
CAC Representatives to Trillium Board
The CAC shall appoint two CAC members to represent the Council on the governing board of Trillium Community Health Plans. One of the representatives shall be a consumer member of the CAC, and the other a non-consumer, community leader member of the CAC.

These representatives shall be full voting member of the Board of Directors, and are responsible for ensuring good two-way communication between the CAC and the governing board regarding CAC activities and recommendations, as well as assisting the governing board in its work to communicate with the larger Lane County community.
Member Accountability
Each council member is responsible for fully and actively participating on the team in order to achieve the goals of the team as described in this Charter—accepting his/her responsibilities diligently and carrying his/her share of the team's work.
  • The members should define and advocate for innovation
  • The members should act as a liaison for the community and for their individual groups
  • The members should look for avenues to transform care
  • The members should have commitment to the community and the CCO
CAC Membership
The CAC will be appointed in accordance with ORS 414.625, including the requirement that a majority of CAC members be consumers. This means that more than half of the CAC members must be Oregon Health Plan (OHP) members or parents of children enrolled on OHP at time of appointment to the CAC.
The CAC includes 20 members, including:
  • Rural OHP Members (representing West Lane, South Lane, and East Lane)
  • At-large OHP Members
  • OHP Members representing other community advisory groups and commissions
  • Lane County representatives of Health & Human Services divisions linked to healthcare transformation
  • Other health and human services system partners
  • A community leader from outside the healthcare system
  • A representative with research and evaluation expertise
  • A representative with marketing/public relations/media expertise
  • A representative appointed by the Clinical Advisory Panel
Selection Process
The CAC and staff will work together to publicly announce vacancies on the CAC, and solicit applications for membership. A committee of equal representation from Lane County and from the Trillium Board of Directors will interview applicants and select individuals to serve on the CAC.
Panel members serve a term of 2 years and will not serve more than 2 consecutive terms. Terms will initially be staggered to provide for both turnover and continuity in committee membership.

The CAC Chair is responsible for ensuring CAC member vacancies are announced in April.
The recruitment process takes place in May.

The selection process is concluded in June to ensure new members effective July 1.
Monitoring Effectiveness
The CAC will submit monthly written reports to the Board of Directors related to the Council's work plan, progress and recommendations. Annually, the CAC will publish a report to the community regarding the Community Health Improvement Plan and progress in meeting the goals outlined in the plan.


Public Meetings

When? The fourth Monday of each month from 12:00pm-2:00pm

Where? Carmichael Room of the Lane County Youth Services Building (John Serbu Center) at 2727 MLK Jr. Blvd. in Eugene.

The first ten minutes of each meeting is reserved for public comment. Comments are limited to two minutes per person. Please read the Public Comment Guidelines.

Meeting Minutes
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