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Trillium Bridges the Healthcare Gap

Trillium Community Health Plan is making an effort to join the physical and behavioral healthcare worlds together. The coordinated care organization in Lane County awarded over $500,000 in grants to eight healthcare organizations. Physical and Behavioral healthcare together >>

Body and Mind

Local providers aim to better integrate physical and mental health:
"Trillium should feel really proud of the effort they're putting into this project,"
said Cathy Kaufmann, director of the Oregon Health Authority's transformation center. "It is a great project, and we're really excited to see what they
learn from it."    Body and Mind article >>

Extraordinary Effort

Trillium joins in an extraordinary effort to help one of our members in need: Extraordinary Effort >>

Kids and Families in Crisis

Trillium Behavioral Health received $1.0 million grant from the state to create a system of care for kids and families in crisis:
care for kids and families in crisis >>

Lane County's Newly Insured

Meeting The Medical Needs of Lane County's Newly Insured City Club interview: Meeting Date: June 20th, 2014 >>
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City Club 06-20-2014 1hr long

Doctors in Demand

Trillium is working hard to make sure every Oregon Health Plan member in Lane County has a primary care provider.
Access to Care story >>

Trillium's four-part Solution

Terry Coplin, Trillium CEO says the Coordinated Care Organization has a plan:
The Four-part Solution >>
NPR National News

NPR interviews Trillium

Wave Of Newly Insured Patients Strains Oregon Health Plan: NPR interview >>
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Terry Coplin Trillium CEO - NPR Interview

A new health center

Lane County is opening a new health center with a $900,000 dollar grant from Trillium community Health plan: A New Health Center >>

Trillium's Solution

There is shortage of primary care in Lane County. Trillium has a plan to change that.: Trillium's Solution >>
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Terry Coplin Trillium CEO - KLCC Interview

Teeth Targeted story

Read how Trillium is helping to prevent tooth decay: Teeth Targeted >>

Good Behavior Game makes national news:

Good Behavior more than a game to health care plan:
Good Behavior Game >>

First Tooth

Trillium takes part in the First Tooth Pilot Project :
First Tooth >>

Primary Care shortage in Lane County

To hear what Trillium is doing about it click on the link below:
Trillium NPR National News >>

Trillium Health insurer seeks feedback

Trillium, the private company that manages the Oregon Health Plan, Oregon's health insurance system for lower-income residents in Lane County, wants to hear from the community on how it thinks Trillium's health care transformation work is going. Trillium is holding a public meeting from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center, University District, 1255 Hilyard St., to talk about its efforts to improve health care delivery and listen to feedback from residents. Registerguard Public Meeting >>

Trillium joins the Million Hearts project

You can reduce your risk for heart disease and stroke and lead a longer, healthier life. The first step to reducing your risk for heart disease and stroke is to know your ABCS: Trillium Million Hearts Project >>

Trillium zombies teach disaster preparedness

If there were a zombie apocalypse, would you know how to survive? Anyone can find their inner zombie at the fair. There's a booth for free makeup, and there will be a lesson in walking like a zombie.
Kezi Trillium zombies teach disaster preparedness >>

Trillium Offers Gift Cards To Expectant Mothers

The Register-Guard March 24, 2013 - An estimated 35% to 40% percent of pregnant women in Lane County on Oregon Health Plan smoke, endangering their health and the health of their babies. Trillium has estimated that $1 million a year in medical costs could be avoided if pregnant members quit smoking. Trillium plans to spend nearly $180,000 on various efforts to encourage pregnant members to quit smoking. Effort will include training 40 health providers to screen patients and connect them with resources, training 20 tobacco cessation counselors, and spending $105,625 on a gift card incentive program for patients who test nicotine free at several points during their pregnancy and after delivery. More Information >>

The Health Care Challenge

The Register-Guard November 30, 2012 - Oregon's health care reform program depends on a collaborative, multidisciplinary effort to improve health through prevention and early treatment of health problems, thereby improving people's lives and reducing costs. More Information

Surveying Our Health

The Register-Guard November 29, 2012 - The numbers tell us that we don't measure up as healthy in Lane County. Lane County residents, on the whole, smoke too much, drink too much alcohol, and don't eat enough fruits and vegetables. And Lane County's low rate of immunization puts it at risk for epidemics of measles and pertussis, also known as whooping cough. These were among the key findings of a new Community Health Needs Assessment, the most comprehensive look to date at county residents overall health and health challenges. More Information >>

Surveying Our Health - Audio Summary

KLCC Public Radio November 29, 2012
Trillium, PeaceHealth and Lane County collaborated on the collection, analysis and presentation of the health data. Board member Rick Kincade is quoted extensively in the article.
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Listen to The KLCC Interview here

Doc Talk on KUGN 590

July 31, 2012 - Dr. John Letovsky from PeaceHealth Medical Group and guest speaker Dr. John Sattenspiel the Chief Medical Officer from Trillium Community Health Plan discuss the movement of healthcare reform.

A Coordinated Care Organization

Trillium is proud to announce our certification as Lane County's Coordinated Care Organization. Beginning August 1st 2012, Trillium will offer a coordinated system for the delivery of healthcare to OHP members in Lane County. Coordinated Care Organizations put an emphasis on patient-centered care, where all care providers coordinate their efforts to make sure patients come first and that treatment plans complement each other. More Information >>

Taking the lead - Trillium, a health plan provider in Eugene, is spearheading reform efforts in Oregon

The Register-Guard July 23, 2012
As Oregon launches a statewide effort to reform health care, there's a lot riding locally on the shoulders of one company, Trillium Community Health Plan.
Oregon recently received the go-ahead from the federal government to come up with its own plan to help low-income Oregonians stay healthy and to treat them when they are sick or injured, while keeping a lid on costs. More Information >>

CCO's Face August 1st Deadline To Begin Delivering Health Care Services In Oregon

KLCC Public Radio July 17, 2012
KLCC's Angela Kellner spoke with Terry Coplin, CEO of Trillium Community Health Plan about his company's role in health care reform in Lane County.
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Listen to the KLCC Interview here

Dental care in the ER: wrong place, wrong time

The Oregon Health Authority May 17, 2011
When someone shows up in a hospital emergency room with a toothache, it's not just the patient who hurts. Dental treatment in the ER - inefficient, costly and untimely - is a sign of missed opportunity for preventive health and a failure for coordinated care. In a better-coordinated system, as in Oregon's proposed health transformation, patient-centered teams would help steer patients toward timely preventive care, including dental checkups. More Information >>

CCO Public Notices

Get the latest information on CCO public notices and information about the CCO Governing Board.
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