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Trillium is based right here in your own community. That means we can deliver comprehensive service with greater efficiency and innovation. We handle all the arrangements personally, answer your questions promptly and can help weed out potential problems before they take root. So you and our providers can concentrate on your health, not your paperwork.

Medicare Advantage
Health Plans
health care plans with customer service

Trillium Advantage can help you get more from your dollar. We offer the full range of coverage with no or low copays and deductibles, vision and dental options, prescription drugs, your choice of providers and special needs coverage.

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Medicaid Plans
Oregon Health Plan (OHP)
health care plans with customer service

Receive the ultimate health benefits of the Oregon Health Plan in Lane County. Trillium is here to help you improve your quality of care, and access to care giving you more options with a large provider panel to choose from.

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